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Parity is the ratio of the currencies of the countries to each other. You can invest by opening a buy or sell position in the relevant parity for the exchange rate you will trade. You can invest quickly and with more investment options without going to the exchange office.


Metals such as gold and silver that we use in the economy; energy sources such as oil and natural gas; agricultural products, etc. all goods are called commodities.


Indices are an indicator used to monitor the performance of a particular asset group or a country as a whole in a standardized way.

American Stock Market

According to NYSE American, the American Stock Exchange is a stock market designed for growing companies, giving investors more choice in how they trade.

Turkish Stock Market

The main purpose of Borsa İstanbul is to ensure that capital market instruments, foreign currency and precious stones and metals, contracts approved by the Capital Markets Board and other documents, in short, all kinds of values ready to be traded on the stock exchange, are bought and sold practically and effectively in a stable and reliable environment where free competition conditions are valid.

Futures Trading

Futures are a popular investment method for many traders as it allows the speculation on the value of a range of commodities, indices, and energy.